Automated Business Funding Platform

We connect you direct to alternative and traditional lenders to get you and your business the capital it needs.

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Automated Platform

Loan Approvals

$1,000,000 - $15,000,000

Lenders on our platform
BluevineBitty AdvanceHeadway Capital PartnersondeckRapid FinanceIdea FinanceEverest Capital Partners
Zero Percent Interest 0%
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Qualifications include:
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Get offers directly from over 70 lenders

All the financing options you could have for your business, find the best rate and term that works for you.
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Web Application

Our online application is easy to fill out and you can
upload all of your documents at once.

Automated Funding Platform

Once your application is completed our automated system along with our team will come back with offers directly from lenders specifically catered to your business and financial situation.

Automated System

Live Offers

See transparent offers from multiple lenders with clear terms and paybacks and decide what works best for you and your business.

Automated Software

Our platform with over 70 lenders creates competition to give you the best offers and a variety of options

Deal Directly With Lenders

Work with the lender directly, without dealing with any loan brokers

Increased Profits

With our help you can bring your business to the next level by getting access to more working capital

Financing Options

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Working Capital

$500,000 - $15M
1 - 24  Months Term
1 - 12 Hours Approval
Rates as low as 12%
Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly payment options
No Personal Guarantee
Funding available same day
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Equipment Financing

$100,000 - $9M
12 - 60 Months Term
24 - 48 Hours Approval
Rates as low as 5%
Monthly Payment
Funding available within 7 days
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Line of Credit

Traditional and Alternative options available

$100,000 - $3M
No Term
2 - 18 Hours Approval
Rates as low as 5%
Monthly Payment
Funding available within 7 days 
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Term Loan

$250,000 - Inquire
24 - 60 Months Term
24 - 72 Hours Approval
Rates as low as 7%
Monthly Payment
Funding available within 5 days
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Documents Needed

Finance Cartoon

- Fully Completed Application
-Most Recent Filed Business Tax Returns
-Government Issued ID (from every owner with over 20% equity)
-Last 3 months of Business Bank Statements

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How it Works

      The Funding Frog is an automated system with a large lending platform that picks the best lenders for your financial situation. We know the lenders qualifications and preferences so we can find the perfect match for you. We have alternative and traditional options available. Let us bring your file to lenders that want your business and let them compete to give you the best offers. Our system will pick out the best lenders for you and only submit your file to lenders that want to work with you, avoiding having your credit pulled countless times just to be denied. Get offers from direct lenders without dealing with calls from sketchy loan brokers and annoying telemarketers. Be in control of your lending options and avoid unnecessary credit pulls that lower your credit score. The Funding Frog pairs you directly with lenders saving you time and money.

The Funding Frog
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