Line of Credit

      Securing a Line of Credit is a great way to have extra cash available. Only pay interest on what you spend. We have business and personal lines of credit available as well as traditional and alternative options.

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Credit Card


-Minimum credit score is a 650
-Must show positive income on Tax Returns

Documents Needed*

-Completed application
-Copy of your credit score/report
-Copy of your most recent Tax Return
-Copy of your Drivers License

*3 Months of business bank statements and a voided business check is required
if going for an alternative business line of credit.

The Funding Frog

What is a Line of Credit?

      A Line of Credit is a fund that you can pull from and pay interest monthly on. It works like a credit card, you get a spending limit and you can spend any amount under your limit with the capital becoming available after you pay it back. This type of financing is heavily dependent on your credit score, utilization and income. You may be approved with a lower credit score if you show income in either a business through bank statements or personally through a tax return.

Benefits to a Line of Credit

      Have access to extra cash flow with low rates and monthly payments. Flexibility is the main advantage of a line of credit. Only use what you want to, just a little bit or the whole amount. Lines of credit were designed for short term funding in times of fluctuating cashflow. Maybe you need more money because the business is seasonal, or you could use some extra cash to market one of your new products. You constantly have access to funds, so there's no need to reapply to get more money. A Line of Credit is also a good way to build your credit score if used properly.

What are the rates and terms?

      Interest rates are either fixed or variable, and are range from 6.25% - 10% monthly depending on the program you are matched with. Interest rates are typically lower than other programs, and with true revolving lines available, the terms can be endless.