Unsecured Working Capital

      Unsecured working capital is a way for businesses to get money without having to put up any asset, collateral or personal guarantee. Instead, there is a business performance guarantee because you are selling your future receivables at a fixed cost with a flat payback.

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-Been in business for more than 3 months*
-Consistently producing over $10,000 a month in revenue*

*We have limited options for new businesses doing low but consistent revenue

Documents Needed

-Completed application
-Minimum three months of business bank statements*
-Copy of your Drivers License
-Copy of a voided check for the business

The Funding Frog

What is an Unsecured Working Capital Loan?

      Unsecured working capital loans are based on the health of your business, the appropriateness of the requested loan amount (lenders don’t want you borrowing more than you need), and how your business is on track for growth. Because of this, you won’t be turned away if you have bad credit. A few months of business bank statements is all that is needed to get a full overview on the business and see if the relationship is going to work. You should expect to see approvals anywhere from 50% - 125% of your average monthly revenue.

Benefits to Unsecured Working Capital Loans

      With these type of loans you get money based on your business, not your borrowing history which is a benefit for some. These are alternative financing options and because of that there is a lot more flexibility. You can receive Funding multiple times per year with short term options, you can refinance your loan half way through and get more capital at better rates, or take advantage of early payback discounts offered by a majority of our lenders. You can also take multiple positions from different lenders. This is called "stacking". Lenders will willingly come in as a second or third position if your business is doing well with the capital. You can also have money in your account in as little as 3 hours! If you're looking for fast cash unsecured working capital is a good choice for you.

What are the rates and terms?

      The rates are fixed over the course of the term and range from 8% to 55% depending on the business and how many outstanding loans you have. First positions will be lower rates and every time you stack another position the rates will go up. Your rate is based off of many things including, your average daily balances, how many deposits you have monthly, how much revenue you are producing, or past payment history with other lenders. A majority of our lenders offer early payback discounts effectively lowering the rate if you pay the balance off before the agreed term.

      The terms range from 30 days up to 18 months. These types of loans are meant to be short term because they are targeted at business who make quick returns on the capital.